Our Mission

Good Dads Over-the-Road (OTR) supports truckers and their families with information, training and resources designed to help them strengthen their connection and improve their communication.

Good Dads OTR subscribers gain access to the Good Dads OTR website, which identifies their company as one supporting trucker dads using their company’s logo. Any driver, fleet manager, dispatcher or employee dad of a “subscribing company” may complete a simple registration process to receive the weekly e-newsletter, podcast prompt and other related information.

Our Beliefs

  • Many good dads are employed as long haul or over-the-road (OTR) truckers.

  • OTR Dads face unique, but not insurmountable, challenges in parenting.

  • OTR Dads often fail to receive the support and recognition they deserve.

  • OTR Dads who connect with their kids are an asset to their family and company.

  • Providing support, recognition and resources for OTR Dads reduces turnover and helps improve a trucking company’s bottom line.

Want to learn more?

Contact Good Dads today to find out how you can help connect Dads and Kids for the Long-Haul.